28 September 2009

Glossary of German Terms

The following information may be helpful to understand the marks following a dog's name:

Performance tests and marks:

D = Derby
The test for young dogs born after the first of October of the year before last, held only in spring. It is an appraisal of the dog's natural, inherited pointing performance. In a dog's description, there is a "D" followed by a number, which stands for a 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize, with 1 being the highest and 3 the lowest mark.

* = Andreasstern
Tracking a hare is not part of the Derby test. If a dog, however, happens to come across a hare during the test and shows excellent work on its track, it will be awarded an Andreasstern. However, this has no influence on the result of the test.

VJP = Verbandsjugendprüfung
The VJP is the test for young dogs of the national gundog breed club association, the umbrella organisation for gundog testing, the JGHV, short: "Verband" and roughly the equivalent of a Derby. It includes hare tracking. Here, the dogs are not awarded a "prize", but a score that is shown as a suffix of the "VJP", for example "VJP 65".

S = Solms
Held in the autumn of the same year as the Derby, the Solms test is the next level up from the Derby and includes retrieving and water work as well. As with the Derby, a number indicating that the dog was awarded a Prize 1,2, or 3 will follow the "S".

HZP = Verbandsherbstzuchtprüfung
The HZP is the autumn trial of the "Verband", the basic qualification for breeding. Like the VJP compared to the Derby, it is a rough equivalent of the Solms, it does include the hare track and the dogs that have passed it are awarded a score that appears behind the "HZP" as a suffix, for example "HZP 175".

AZP = Alterszuchtprüfung
This is the test for dogs that have been, for some reason, unable to perform at a Solms. A higher level of performance is expected due to the dog's increased maturity.

VGP = Verbandsgebrauchesprüfung
This is the general utility test of the "Verband". It is meant to test accomplished gundogs in all aspects of field, forest, and water work. A score and a prize (1st, 2nd or 3rd) are awarded.

VGP with Übernachtfährte
The dog handler may opt for a "day track" laid a couple of hours before the test or for an "overnight track", laid the day before the test.

VGP with Verweisen
Please read the explanations of the details of blood tracking tests following German rules.

IKP = Internationale Kurzhaar-Prüfung
This test is held every other year, alternating with the Dr. Kleemann-Zuchtausleseprüfung. The elements of the test are similar to Solms and AZP, just on a considerably higher level. 1st and 2nd prizes are awarded.

KS = Kurzhaar Sieger
This is the "Shorthair Champion" title awarded to dogs that have passed a Dr. Kleemann-Zuchtausleseprüfung. It is judged on a pass or fail basis and considered even more demanding than the IKP. To take part, a dog must have won a 1st prize in each, Derby, Solms (or AZP) and VGP and have been awarded the H-N and the Vbr. marks (alternatively the dog must have passed a Verbands-Schweissprüfung). Additionally, a minimum conformation mark of "SG" is required.

Btr. = Bringtreueprüfung
Btr. indicates a successfully performed retrieving reliability test. A fox is placed in the undergrowth at least 3 hours previous to the test and must be found and retrieved without any help from the handler.

Vbr. = Verlorenbringen
Vbr. indicates a sucessfully performed recovery of game. It requires tracking and retrieving a shot hare over a distance of about 300 meters, while the track is still warm. The dog must not have eyed the hare in advance.

AH = Ambruster Halt-Abzeichen
This title is awarded for extraordinary obedience in the presence of hares.

HN = Härtenachweis
Proof that the dog is willing and able to attack and kill a predator.

LN = Lautnachweis
Proof that the dog gives mouth while either following a track without having eyed the game or following the game by sight.

SW = VSwP = Verbandssweißprüfung
This is the blood tracking test of the "Verband". It is followed by a 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize mark. "SW" indicates a 20-hour track (i.e. the track was laid 20 hours previous to the test), while an "SW" followed by a "/" indicates a 40 hour track.

Conformation Marks:

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